NGK Ignition / Spark Plug Wires for the Triumph Bonneville / T100 / Thruxton

These custom made NGK replacement spark plug wires are a DIRECT replacement for the OEM wires. They come in black, yellow and red. They also have black plug caps so you can get rid of the out of place stock wires with the reddish caps.

The wires feature;

  • High temp 600 degree silicon insulation which increases wire life
  • Plug cap is double sealed
  • Extra long coil boot helps keep out moisture
  • Coil connections are crimped AND soldered
  • OEM 5K Ohn NGK resistor cap to reduce electrical noise
  • Fully compatible with OEM ignition system
  • Custom colors with distinctive BLACK NGK plug cap

NGK Spark Plug Wires BLACK
$49.99 /pair

NGK Spark Plug Wires YELLOW
$49.99 /pair

NGK Spark Plug Wires RED
$49.99 /pair

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